Shockworks 2015-21 5.0L V8 Slotted 2-Piece Rotors – Front Set

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Kit Contents:
– 2x Front Rotors (pair)

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All too often people buy power upgrades but forget about what’s most important – the ability to stop. Having Shocksworks rotors installed on your Mustang means you’ll drive around knowing Shockworks has your back. The standard Brembo Brakes are much better than most originally thought the Mustang was going to come with, the main let down however, is the rotors. With these rotors installed, your Mustang will be ready for a quick mountain climb, the odd track day, and better braking in everyday driving!

Manufactured using only the highest quality materials, and checking all parts to ensure they’re 100% with go-no-go gauges, you can rest assured that when you need to stop, you’ll stop. Shockworks supply 100% of the V8 Supercars in Korea for their FIA Events, with dampers and brake systems, as well as many other race teams with the same damper components used in their fantastic Shockworks dampers, meaning what you get is guaranteed quality!

In addition to the increased braking performance, Shockworks has designed these rotors to look stylish and add a good look to your Mustang, separating you from the rest of the Mustangs in the herd!

These Rotors can be used in high-performance situations, and won’t bend or buckle, and can also be used for standard everyday driving.

Standard Brembo Callipers and Pads can be used in conjunction with these rotors, as well as aftermarket callipers and pads for a further increase in braking performance




2015-2017, 2018-2021


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