Roush S550 GT Quad Active Exhaust Kit


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  • Requires ROUSH rear valance (w/o back up sensors) or (with back up sensors).
  • Fits Mustang GT’s with premium chassis packages only (Trim levels – 300A/400A)
  • OE Quality Engineering and construction for long life
  • Dual Tip Mufflers
  • 2015-2017 Mustang 5.0L V8 Coupe only
  • 4″ Chrome flashed tips
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel
  • Full mandrel bending
  • Touring, Sport, Track and Custom settings for 4 exhaust “systems” out of the box
  • Custom programming feature through included WiFi OBD2 interface to Roush Apple iOS application
  • Brushed Aluminum Console Mounted 4 Mode Selector Switch
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With a ROUSH Quad Tip Active Exhaust system you are in total control of the volume and performance of your ROUSH Mustang. Pull into your driveway at night without waking the neighbors; turn down your exhaust to avoid unwanted attention or open up the pipes all the way for the ultimate performance V8 sound. This system is based on our ROUSH Quad Tip axle back exhaust with high flow dual tip mufflers, corrosion resistant T-304 stainless steel and high flow mandrel bends. Our proprietary Active Exhaust system ties in with your Mustang’s powertrain control module, letting the valves open based on throttle position. Use the included console mounted selector switch to swap sound modes on the fly and fine tune your custom mode with our Active Exhaust app for iOS.

The ROUSH Active Exhaust system features four modes: TOURINGSPORTTRACK, and CUSTOM.

TOURING mode closes the exhaust valves all the way keeping the exhaust volume to its absolute minimum.

SPORT keeps the exhaust quiet during normal driving conditions. Accelerator position and vehicle speed are used to determine valve position, opening up under acceleration for a more aggressive sounding ride.

TRACK mode is wide-open. This mode keeps the exhaust tailpipe valves fully open at all times and doesn’t restrict the raw sound of your Mustang. This mode is intended for track use and is not legal for street use.

CUSTOM mode lets you create a custom sound map with our iOS application to personalize the exhaust sound to your own tastes. With the app you gain full control over the position of the valves based on vehicle speed, rpm and accelerator position.



Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 157 × 33 × 44 cm



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