Borla 2018+ 5.0L V8 Catback Exhaust 3″ S-Type


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Borla knows you love your 2018-19 Mustang GT. We love it too! Ford has been synonymous with American made and reliability for generations. This is an ideal that Borla holds close to their hearts as every Borla exhaust system is engineered and hand crafted in America and has been since 1978. Of course Borla want to stand by generations of Ford owners and their racing heritage by making a wide variety of cat-back and rear section exhaust systems for all of the new Ford Mustangs; GTs and EcoBoosts.The sleek and stylish body of your Mustang demands a sound that can personify everything you love about your car, with performance and horsepower gains that match the power you want on the street or at the track. A Borla exhaust will provide that for you. Why else would Shelby American choose Borla for every vehicle they produce? Customise your exhaust tone with their four sound levels; ATAK®, S-Type, Touring, or EC-Type.

Note: This Exhaust will NOT fit Convertibles. Fastback only. Retains Factory Active Valve Control



Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 28 × 53 × 135 cm



Chrome, Black


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